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Red Provisional Card

cscs green card

Red Provisional Card

This card is for people working on a probationary period within the construction industry. Those who have never had a CSSC card before can get this card. Please note; this card can be applied for once only.

Validity : Red provisional card is valid for a period of 6 months. Before your card expires, it should be your job to get registered or achieve a recognized construction related qualification.
Renewal : This card can’t be renewed.
How and who can Apply : To apply for this card, you need to pass the CITB Health, Safety, and Environment test within the past two years. Also, you can only apply for this card if you haven’t held a provisional card before. Before the card expires, it is a good idea to apply for the most appropriate CSCS card based on your respective role.
  1. First you need to be aged 16 or over.
  2. You need to have completed the Operatives Health & Safety Test within the last two years.