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Traffic Marshal Course

Traffic Marshal Course

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As a matter of fact vehicle movements account for the second-highest number of deaths on construction sites. Therefore, those who are willing to become a more desirable candidate for construction jobs can opt for traffic marshal course. The course will equip persons that have vehicle marshaling responsibilities, with the necessary skills for maintaining a safe workplace. Candidates get chance to attain an understanding of a qualified traffic marshal.

Aim and Objective

Fire marshal course has been designed with the aim to highlight safety awareness associated with the construction industry. Certification done in this course will help prevent or minimize the chance of hazards to some extent. .

Traffic Marshal Course Covers

Traffic marshal course has been tailored to meet the legal requirements for organizations by following the standards and regulations set by the HSE. This course will give you the competence to confidently redirect and manage traffic.

Upon completion of the training you get to learn all the basics on the general duties of a traffic marshal such as banks-man signals that you will present to vehicle and crane operators.

Some of the Topics Included In the Banks-Man Training are

The Duties of a Banks-Man and a Traffic Marshal Involve

  • Accidents and injuries
  • Safe procedures
  • Complex hand signals.
  • Learn to design effective fire risk assessments.
  • Identify the hazard and the degree to which there is a risk of harm caused by the hazard.
  • Gain knowledge about the safety precautions to prevent fire.
  • Understand what safety features should be adapted.
  • Understand your responsibilities and duties as a Fire Marshal to provide assistance in case of any emergency. 
  • Understand what to do as a Fire Marshal and how to carry out fire drills.

Who can apply?

Those who are 16 years or above can easily apply for the fire marshal training course. The course is suitable for all starting from an employee to any designated fire marshall, business owners, person responsible for supervising fire safety and those who are interested in learning about fire safety protocols.

If you are business owner who want to gain comprehensive knowledge related to fire safety precautions, you can go through this course and learn how to respond effectively. This will help you act smartly in the event of any type of emergency.

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